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To create and change the PLC program of a S5 PLC.


ACCON-PG is a proven S5 programming system for all controllers from AG 90U to AG 155U. The programming languages STL, LAD and SCF are supported..

ACCON-PG offers all online functions which are necessary to program and bring into service a S5 PLC. Programming in the graphic languages has been improved in many points. Thus, even greater and more complex networks are displayable in LAD and SCF. ACCON-PG directly works with the S5D files without any convertion.

Technical highlights

  • Direct working with S5D files;
  • Supporting STL, LAD and SCF;
  • Comprehensive and context sensitive help;
  • CPU specific command checking;
  • Extended displaying possibilities in LAD and SCF.

Varied ranges of application

  • Changing respectively revising the PLC program of a S5 PLC;
  • Debugging the PLC program of a S5 PLC;
  • Creating a PLC program for a S5 PLC.

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