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Smart machinery Gateway

Machines and plants fit for IoT

Controlled access to machines and their data over the entire life cycle

A secure, flexible connection of all parties involved is essential. Machine manufacturers, service providers, system integrators and operators are interested in an access for their individual tasks:
Remote access to all components is required for a smooth commissioning to be able to make adjustments at the location. The observation of live data that is necessary during ramp-up a machine is indispensable for an approval.
The efficient operation of a machine requires data for building KPIs; the information gathered will directly be incorporated into the product and service development of the providers.
A current data base is also required in third-party systems for preventive measures to avoid failures. The alarming in case of looming problems or standstills in connection with a diagnosis via remote maintenance permits a quick troubleshooting using targeted services

In order to continue to use existing plants and there core components in case of technological alterations, a retrofit without massive intervention into the plant is essential..


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