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Premium SIM Cards and Management for your M2M Application


Many M2M and IoT applications communicate via cellular radio networks today. We offer Premium M2M SIM cards with pre-defined or customer-specific rates that our customers don't have to deal with the "Connectivity" subject in detail as well.

Benefit from fair plans and many additional services that we have tailored to the requirements of industrial and other professional applications based on our many years of experience.

Our basic plan without included volume is particularly of interest for applications that have to establish a connection sporadic - if required - thanks to a minimal monthly basic fee. The plans with included volume are aligned to the most common use scenarios with and without VPN usage or high data volume. All cards can be activated and deactivated on a monthly basis. Deactivated cards cause no costs.

You can use our SIM management portal for managing your cards and monitoring consumptions with the first card already. Many other features and options like Cost Limit, Smart Cost Control or the flexible pooling will excite you. That's how M2M connectivity works today!

Voor alle details en downloads zie de INSYS icom website.