Critical Fixes Rollup 1 for 10.97.2 is now available for download.

Critical Fixes Rollup 1 for 10.97.2 is now available for download. Critical fixes rollups are designed to include only the most critical fixes to bring you the most robust product possible.

You can read more about what has been updated in this Critical Fixes Rollup and download the update at the following links.

Note: IoTWorX does not have an equivalent Critical Fix Rollup 1. IoTWorX updates will be available when Critical Fix Rollup 2 is released. Version 10.97.2 IoTWorX modules are compatible with ICONICS Suite 10.97.2 Critical Fixes Rollup 1.

If you have an active SupportWorX Plan and have questions on upgrading please, email with your SupportWorX number. For organizations in Europe, please email

Voor vragen over versie 10.97.2 helpen wij u graag. Neem daarvoor contact met ons op.